Waka Ama NZ Members Prize Draw

The Waka Ama NZ Members Prize Draw is a monthly prize draw for all affiliated members. The prizes each month are kindly donated by various suppliers. The following information provides further details.

How do I enter the draw?
All you need to do is to be an affiliated member of a Waka Ama Club that is affiliated to Nga Kaihoe o Aotearoa (Waka Ama New Zealand ) Inc.

How do you know if you are affiliated?
You can enter your ID card number into our affiliation checker and it will tell you if you are currently affiliated.
If you are not affiliated or you do not know your ID card number, please check with your club rep, they will be able to tell you your ID card number or affiliate you.
Affiliation Checker

So who can win prizes?
Anyone who has an ID card number that is a current affiliated member.

How do you find out more about affiliation?
You can click here to find out about affiliation and what it means:
Affiliation Information

If I win, how do I collect my prize?
Waka Ama NZ will be in contact with your club to dispatch your prize.

November Prize Draw

The prize for our November Members Prize Draw is kindly donated by Day Two

The winner is GRACE PORTER, Te Ringa Miti Tai Heke Whanganui Waka Ama Club Inc.

The prize is an Adventure racer buoyancy vest, an essential piece of safety equipment for any paddler.

Check out their listing to view their range of products available:


Equipment Suppliers

For more information on equipment suppliers see our suppliers page.

The suppliers listed are in no way affiliated or endorsed by Waka Ama NZ, this list is solely for your information.

If you would like to add you business to the suppliers list please email your details to [email protected]

Equipment Suppliers

2023 Prize Winners and Sponsors


Grace Porter - Te Ringa Miti Tai Heke Whanganui Waka Ama                              Donald Wright - Te Awa a Kewa Waka Ama Trust                                                Taimana Popata - Omatai Waka Ama Club                                                              Louise Edwards - Nga Kaihoe o Te Puaha Inc                                                            Mark Sutherland - Hoe Aroha Whānau o Mauao                                                             Analatu Wolfgram-McKay - Parihaka Waka Ama Inc                                             Alanah Brown - Maunaku Outrigger Canoe Club                                                     Mabli Jones - Tai Tonga 41 Outrigger Canoe Club         

Prize Sponsor: DayTwo
Prize Sponsor: Kayak HQ
Prize Sponsor: Kapinua
Prize Sponsor: Voyager Trailers
Prize Sponsor: Paddle Sport NZ
Prize Sponsor: ARE Tahiti
Prize Sponsor: Mauao Adventures
Prize Sponsor: Noxen

2022 Prize Winners and Sponsors



Cory Campbell - Horouta Waka Hoe Club
Jeremiah Westerlund - Portage Crossing
Sean Timoney - Maitahi Outrigger Canoe Club
Victoria-Leigh Lam - Tamaki Outrigger Canoe Club
Birgit Meister - Mangawhai Waka Ama Club
Dillon Skipper - Te Awahaku Outrigger Canoe Club
Candice Bardsley - Ruamata Waka Ama Club
Mark Pilcher - Tarawera Outrigger Canoe Club
Karena Waru - TOA Waka Ama
Pita Roberts - Mitamitaga o le Pasefika V'a-alo Canoe Club
Jack Karifi - Kokiri Marea Tai Patu Waka Ama Club

Prize Sponsor: Nutrakawa NZ Ltd
Prize Sponsor: Tai Paddles
Prize Sponsor: Sonic Surf Craft NZ
Prize Sponsor: Aotearoa Paddle Shop
Prize Sponsor: Kayak HQ
Prize Sponsor: Paddle Sport NZ
Prize Sponsor: Kapinua
Prize Sponsor: Kaha Paddler Trainer
Prize Sponsor: Talis Crew NZ
Prize Sponsor: 2wel
Prize Sponsor: Ruahine Kayaks