Te Wānanga o Aotearoa Waka Ama Sprint Championships Club Points - Winners 2018

Congratulations to the Horouta Waka Hoe Club who once again won the prestigious Club Points Trophy.

Since 2011 Nga Kaihoe o Aotearoa (Waka Ama New Zealand) have awarded 2 new trophies. These trophies are perpetual trophies that will be awarded at future nationals and enjoyed by generations of waka ama paddlers.

The Trophies were carved by Matahi Whakataka Brightwell who has been instrumental in the re-birth and growth of the sport of Waka Ama in Aotearoa.

The Club points trophy recognises a clubs paddling excellence and achievement throughout the week. Points are accumulated throughout the week from all finals and the club with the most points at the end of the week awarded this honour.

Horouta Waka Hoe has won this trophy 7 times in the passed 8 years! A truly outstanding achievement and one that should not be understated. To reach this level of excellence consistently across nearly all of the age divisions year in and year out is not something that happens by chance. It is through the many thousands of hours of organisation, coaching, managing, fundraising, communicating, more coaching and then some more organising!

Below is a breakdown of their outstanding achievements on the water across the week 

2040Mid Men - W6 250Champ FinalTe Pae Mahutonga72 
2040Mid Men - W6 250Champ FinalHorouta Taniwha91 
2041Mid Women - W6 250Champ FinalHorouta Firebirds101 
2041Mid Women - W6 250Champ FinalHine Ataahua36 
2071Mid Women - W12 250Champ FinalHorouta Water Babies27 
3081Int Women - W12 500FinalHinepukohurangi27 
3084J16 Women - W12 500FinalHinematioro54 
3087J16 Men - W12 500FinalHorouta Moko's81 
3092Int Men - W12 500FinalIrakaiputahi18 
3096J16 Men - W6 500FinalBaby Heli's18 
3096J16 Men - W6 500FinalMoko Heli's111 
3101Int Men - W6 500FinalPakarae18 
3105Int Women - W6 500FinalHinepukohurangi36 
3105Int Women - W6 500FinalKotiro Ataahua72 
3109J16 Women - W6 500FinalPuhi Kaiariki27 
3109J16 Women - W6 500FinalHinematioro91 
3120Int Men - W6 500 (Turn)FinalPakarae27 
3121Int Women - W6 500 (Turn)FinalHinepukohurangi36 
3122J16 Women - W6 1000FinalPuhi Kaiariki45 
3123J16 Men - W6 1000FinalBaby Heli's18 
4200Master 70 Women - W1 500St. FinalSHELDRAKE, Kathy54 
4202Int Women - W1 500FinalGLASS-DONALDSON, Piper18 
4203Int Men - W1 500FinalMCCLUTCHIE, David Ben54 
4204J16 Women - W1 500FinalWILLIAMS, Rangi-Riana18 
4204J16 Women - W1 500FinalWAINOHU, Gaibreill27 
4204J16 Women - W1 500FinalNIBLETT, Katarina45 
4204J16 Women - W1 500FinalPEWHAIRANGI, Te Aomihia72 
4205J16 Men - W1 500FinalPAENGA-MORGAN, Anaru27 
4205J16 Men - W1 500FinalMAXWELL, Manaakiao45 
4206J19 Women - W1 500FinalNIWA-APELU, Maia111 
4206J19 Women - W1 500FinalGLASS-DONALDSON, Kian121 
4206J19 Women - W1 500FinalTEREKIA, Jessica45 
4206J19 Women - W1 500FinalAKURANGI, Tia54 
4206J19 Women - W1 500FinalHAVERKAMP, Katarina72 
4206J19 Women - W1 500FinalNGATORO, Keri91 
4207J19 Men - W1 500FinalAPANUI-NEPE, Darius18 
4207J19 Men - W1 500FinalWAINOHU-KEMP, Keanu27 
4207J19 Men - W1 500FinalKINGI ABRAHAM, Zane72 
4208U23 Women - W1 500FinalCAMPBELL, Kodi18 
4208U23 Women - W1 500FinalTEREKIA, Jhaymean27 
4208U23 Women - W1 500FinalTUREIA-SIATAGA, Moelani45 
4208U23 Women - W1 500FinalTAMATI, Mikaylah72 
4208U23 Women - W1 500FinalTIBBLE, Fushia91 
4209U23 Men - W1 500FinalTE KOWHAI, Manaaki63 
4210Gld Master Women - W1 500FinalFLAVELL, Vicki111 
4210Gld Master Women - W1 500FinalASTON, Mihi54 
4210Gld Master Women - W1 500FinalTE PUNI, Helen91 
4214Snr Master Women - W1 500FinalJOHNSTON, Kerry91 
4216Master Women - W1 500FinalTAITAPANUI, Simmy111 
4216Master Women - W1 500FinalRADONICH, Vesna36 
4216Master Women - W1 500FinalSCRAGG, Penny91 
4217Master Men - W1 500FinalDONALDSON, Grant18 
4218Premier Women - W1 500FinalCAMPBELL, Cory45 
4218Premier Women - W1 500FinalCAMPBELL, Kiwi54 
4218Premier Women - W1 500FinalTUREIA, Sieda63 
4219Premier Men - W1 500FinalROOZENDAAL, Ash36 
4219Premier Men - W1 500FinalCAMPBELL, Bruce54 
4219Premier Men - W1 500FinalANDERSON, Glenn63 
5236Snr Master Men - W12 500St. FinalTemoana63 
5266Master Women - W12 500St. FinalNga Kopara /Hineteuru27 
5278J19 Women - W12 500FinalOhinewaiapu27 
5281J19 Men - W12 500St. FinalEastland Whitewash Heli's18 
5284Premier Women - W12 500FinalKaiarahi Toa18 
5287Premier Men - W12 500FinalWoolley Kumara36 
5290Gld Master Women - W12 500St. FinalTe Uranga O Te Ra33 
6327Master Women - W6 1000FinalNga Kopara Toa27 
6330Gld Master Women - W6 1000FinalDrop Dead Gorgeous45 
6331Snr Master Men - W6 1000FinalTemoana63 
6332Master Men - W6 1000FinalPaikea Masters27 
6333J19 Women - W6 1000FinalHinetoa18 
6333J19 Women - W6 1000FinalPipitaiari36 
6334J19 Men - W6 1000FinalDaddy Heli's18 
6335Snr Master Women - W6 1000FinalHineteuru36 
6336Premier Women - W6 1500FinalKaiarahi Toa18 
6337Premier Men - W6 1500FinalWoolley Kumara18 
6348Gld Master Women - W6 500FinalDrop Dead Gorgeous45 
6349Snr Master Men - W6 500FinalTemoana91 
6350Master Women - W6 500FinalNga Kopara Toa36 
6351Master Men - W6 500FinalPaikea Masters36 
6352J19 Women - W6 500FinalHinetoa27 
6352J19 Women - W6 500FinalPipitaiari45 
6353J19 Men - W6 500FinalDaddy Heli's27 
6354Snr Master Women - W6 500FinalHineteuru27 
6355Premier Women - W6 500FinalKaiarahi Toa18 
6356Premier Men - W6 500FinalWoolley Kumara27 

This years points:

1st = Horouta - 418 points

2nd = Manukau Outrigger Canoe Club - 154 points

3rd = Ruamata - 145 points


Horouta Waka Hoe Club Inc.418
Manukau Outrigger Canoe Club154
Ruamata Waka Ama Club145
Mareikura Waka Ama Club Incorporated133
Taniwha Outrigger Canoe Club Inc115
Te Au Rere Waka Ama Club107
Kaihoe o Ngati Rehia Trust101.5
Haeata Ocean Sports Inc101
Otaki Waka Hoe Charitable Trust89
Hei Matau Paddlers88
Rahui Pokeka Waka Sports88
Mitamitaga o le Pasefika Va'a-alo Canoe Club77
Waitakere Outrigger Canoe Club Inc75.5
Turangawaewae Waka Sports75
Te Paerangi Waka Ama Inc68.5
Parihaka Waka Ama Inc56
Aratika Tamaki Waka Ama Club Incorporated52
Cook Islands Outriggers Association47
Nga Hoe Horo Outrigger Canoe Club43.5
Te Toki Voyaging Trust31.5
Whakatu Marae Waka-Ama Club31
Te Rau Oranga O Ngati Kahungunu Waka Ama Club31
Wairarapa Waka Ama Canoe Club30
Te Waka Pounamu29
TOA Waka Ama Club28
Heretaunga Ararau O Ngati Kahungunu Waka Ama Roopu27
Waka Ama O Whakatane27
Tauranga Moana Outrigger Canoe Club Inc.22.5
Te Awa Haku20
Hawaiki Nui Tuarua Waka Ama19
Hoe Aroha Whanau o Mauao18.5
Porirua Canoe Kayak Club Inc.17
YMP Waka Ama17
Waikato Dragon Boat & Waka Ama Association12
Maraenui Rugby & Sports Association10
Whaingaroa Whanau Hoe Waka10
Te Pou Herenga Waka Ama Club Inc.9
Tarawera Outrigger Canoe Club8
Hoe Tonga Pacifica Waka Ama Association7
Tu Tangi Ora - South Kaipara Collective Inc6
Taranaki Outrigger Canoe Club6
Wakatipu Waka Ama Club6
Ocean Blue Sports Club5
Hikoikoi Waka Club4
Pakuranga Outrigger Canoe Club4
Te Ringa Miti Tai Heke Whanganui Waka Ama Club Incorporated4
Maketu Hoe Waka3.5
Orakei Water Sports3
Rangaunu Sports Club3
Whanganui River Outrigger Canoe Club Inc.2
Nga Tai Whakarongo1
Te Puu Ao1

Well done to each and every club on all your achievements at this years event. We look forward to seeing you all on the water again soon

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