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From January 1, 2015, a revised World Anti-Doping Code comes into force bringing major changes to New Zealand’s Sports Anti-doping Rules.

If you are an athlete; you work with or support an athlete; or you are involved in a National Sports Organisation you need to know about these changes and what they mean for you.

This guide aims to help you as an athlete understand and follow New Zealand’s sports anti-doping rules in order to protect your sporting career and assist you to compete in the spirit of clean sport.

Drug Free Sport NZ is the national anti-doping organisation responsible for the enforcement, education and promotion of clean sport in New Zealand.

In the handbook attached below there is details about:

  • sports anti-doping rules
  • substances and methods which are prohibited
  • supplements and their risks
  • advice on commonly used medications
  • applying to use a prohibited substance
  • drug testing
  • recording your whereabouts.

Drug Free Sport NZ has produced a factsheet on key changes introduced as part of the new code.  Download one below or from 

You can find out more about the revised Code and the new rules at Drug Free Sport New Zealand’s website:

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Updated: Jun 05, 2015
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