REMINDER: NZ Elite Men World Sprints selection plan and intent form

Intents and intent fees are due no later than 20th October 2017 (tomorrow). Paddlers wishing to trial should complete the attached Intent form and return it to Waka Ama NZ

Intent Process:

The first trial is open for anyone to take part. 
Paddlers wishing to trial and be considered for the squad and ultimately the team should complete the attached Intent form and return it to Waka Ama NZ no later than 20th October 2017. 
Please note: the coaches of the campaign are entitled to invite paddlers to be part of the trial process, should you be contacted by the coaches directly they will inform you of your invitation to take part and will require that you confirm your acceptance of the invitation and confirm attendance to trial. (Invited paddlers are still required to pay the trial fee of $20)

Eligibility Criteria:

 to be considered for the selection athletes must:

   · Be a current affiliated Waka Ama New Zealand member

·  Be a New Zealand Citizen or have resided in New Zealand for 6 months or longer at the time of the event.

·  Be endorsed by their club, Intent form must be signed by Club Rep.

·  Be committed to the process 

·  Communicate with the Coaching/Management in a timely fashion

·  Meet all financial obligations

·  Be the best you can be and train for performance.

Selection Criteria:

The coaches will be looking for a combination of physical, technical and mental abilities/potential as well as athlete commitment and attitude.

Paddler selections must fit into at least two of the following categories:

·  Outstanding Individual performance

·  Individual/s qualities and attributes e.g. leadership, seat combination

·  Seat specific attributes e.g. Steerer/Seat 1

·  Value added by individual to crew combination.

Note: At any time throughout the pre selection period, paddlers can be bought into the squad until final teams are named. 


Attached is a draft breakdown of costs per paddler for this campaign. This will be updated if necessary. 

Should you have any questions 

Please contact: 

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