Club Tips - TMOCC 30th Anniversary

It is quite a big milestone for any new business to last for last for more then 5 years, so for a volunteer based club to be active and present in the community for 30 years, is a real sense of achievement.

We are quite proud of this fact, and it is due to the hard work and time put in by our members over the years.

Last night, our club celebrated it's 30th Anniversary, the function was a way recognise those members efforts who have helped to get us were we are now.

We were even fortunate enough, to have some of our founding members able to attend. 

It's not until you celebrate something like this, that you actually stop and look back at what has been achieved.

The original lease document was for a 40sqm patch of grass, just big enough to store one waka, and now we have a purpose built shed, with 12 canoes, and over 100 members in tow.

And, the funny thing, is that it probably would have gone unnoticed, if it wasn't for one of our committee members who made a passing comment, hey look, its our 30th year this year.

So please go away, look up the founding date of your club, and make a plan to celebrate what your club has achieved.



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Updated: Oct 02, 2017