2018 IVF World Sprint Elite Coaches

Waka Ama New Zealand are pleased to announce the Elite Coaches for the 2018 IVF World Sprint Championships

George Thomas

National Sprint Coach – Para Va'a

George is  4 X Para V1 World Champion and has been paddling for 26 years. George has coached at all levels and age groups of our sport and achieved National and International success as a coach and paddler. He has been a member of the New Zealand Para Va'a Team and is passionate about seeing Para Va'a grow and provide more opportunities throughout Aotearoa. 

Sieda Tureia

National Sprint Coach – Development Women (J19)

Sieda's love for Sprint Waka ama racing began some 16 years ago as a junior. During this time as a junior she achieved many national and international successes with her junior 19's team. 

Sieda has had the privilege of being coached by some of New Zealand's top Sprint coaches including Matahi Brightwell, Ace Cuthers and Kiwi Campbell. Sieda has coached a number of junior and senior womens teams.  One thing Sieda has learnt through her time as a coach, assistant coach, team captain and competitive paddler is that she love's to see young women reach their full potential. There are very few limits to what can be achieved by women within Waka ama. Sieda says "I believe our young woman can achieve at both junior and senior level racing with insight and guidance from a committed coach."

As a member of the New Zealand Elite squad in 2016, Sieda understands the competition itself and wishes to guide our junior women representatives to further success for the 2018 campaign.

Maori Kava Tere Senior

National Sprint Coach – Development Men (J19)

Maori has coached a number of junior girls and boys teams throughout the years, most recently Maori coached the J19 Girls Team to Gold at the 2017 IVF World Distance Championships in Tahiti. Maori and his family are heavily involved in the waka ama community and have been involved in the sport for a number of years.

Maori has coached many junior boys teams from the development levels to national and international level. Maori knows that the 2018 World Sprints Campaign is going to be massive, but is looking forward to the challenge and fulfilling his role as the Development Men National Sprint Coach and working with talented young male paddlers throughout Aotearoa.

Kiwi Campbell

National Sprint Coach – Elite Women

Kiwi's success with the New Zealand Elite Women in 2016 saw them win gold in every race and helped to put New Zealand on top of the medal tally above Tahiti for the first time. Kiwi's success is 2016 saw her win Coach of the year at the Maori Sports awards and also gain a nomination to the Halberg Awards. 

Kiwi has been coaching Waka Ama teams since 2001 and continues to paddle competitively as a solo paddler and as a member of Kaiarahi Toa. Kiwi's coaching achievements are exceptional in the Junior and Open Women divisions, gaining multiple national and world titles along the way. Kiwi says “I have always had strong sense of leadership and a solid work ethic and expect the same from my team”. Kiwi is a passionate coach and is looking forward to working with Waka Ama New Zealand to achieve a successful World Elite Sprints Campaign 2018.

Mark Malaki Williams

National Sprint Coach - Elite Men

Mark has been fortunate to be involved in the sport of Waka Ama for more than 25 years.  Mark says "successes and failures, both as a paddler and a coach have given me an invaluable insight into the effort and dedication required to succeed at the highest level in Waka Ama sprinting" 

Mark has coached at all levels from novice to advanced.  Mark has provided paddling and coaching clinics not only within his own club, but also at various other clubs throughout Aotearoa.  Marks knowledge and experience gained through the years is built on research, self-education and travelling. Through Marks travels to Tahiti, Canada, Australia and many other countries, he has been fortunate to meet and share ideas with top paddlers and coaches worldwide. 

Waka ama is Marks passion and he is excited at the prospect and challenge of the Elite Mens 2018 sprint campaign in Tahiti.   

Reader Comments

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  1. WTG Seida what an awesome achievement for you.
    Carolyn Matthews - 20-Sep-2017
  2. Wow congratulations to all elected coaches a MASSIVE UPS to Mark woohoo.......
    Carolyn Matthews - 20-Sep-2017
  3. Good Work Mark and the rest of the team all the best its good to see CC coaching and Kiwi's Dominance with coaching over the years continues to prove successful. Good luck on the campaign.
    OCCA - 19-Sep-2017
  4. Congratulation to each and everyone. NKOA have made an amazing selection of Coaches that I believe will again place Aotearoa well at the 2018 IVF World Sprints.
    Minnie Campbell - 19-Sep-2017
  5. Congrats to you all!
    Arohanui - 19-Sep-2017
  6. Malo Coach!
    OMD - 19-Sep-2017
  7. Malo Uso Mark on your appointment! Well deserved:-)
    The Greyman - 19-Sep-2017
  8. Congrats coaches. Perfect team to dominate in Tahiti. Good luck to those trialing
    Kawai - 19-Sep-2017
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