Engineering students head to the Queen Lili’uokalani Memorial race

This past March seven waka ama teams from the University of Auckland competed in The Great Waka Ama Race. The race started and finished at Takapuna Beach, teams paddled five kilometres from Takapuna to Rangitoto Island, ran a return eight kilometres to the summit and then paddled back to Takapuna Beach. The winner of the event won an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii to race in the Queen Lili’uokalani Memorial race. The winners for 2017 were from the faculty of Engineering.

At the Queen Lili’uokalani race they will compete against international crews in an eight person relay (mixed open) race on Thursday 31 September, a six person iron (mixed open) race on Saturday 2 September, and a double hall (mixed open) race on Sunday 3 September. 


Last year team Engineering went on to Hawaii and won two gold medals, and are looking for a repeat this year! Team Engineering has been training and competing in local competitions to prepare for Hawaii this year. With an experienced team, they are hoping to come out on top once again.


Leading up to their departure, two of the paddlers, Georgia Naera and Sarah Carson have opened up about their training sessions, team bonding, fellow paddlers and juggling school work with training. Their stories are being blogged about on the University student blog, The Inside Word. To get an inside look into the paddlers lives, head to The Inside Word website:


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Updated: Aug 02, 2017