W1 Waka Sale on Trademe

It appears that there is confusion over the selling of NKOA's W1 World Sprints fleet of waka.

NKOA are in a position to sell the W1 waka from the world sprints.

The idea of selling the waka by ballot was only one consideration, however, discussions had not occurred to finalise whether this would be the best process FOR NKOA.

Council decided at their meeting on Sunday 28/5 to try Auctioning four waka on trademe, due to overwhelming interest both nationally and internationally, and also after considering the various methods of selling the waka.

First and foremost the benefit of selling these waka must come back to NKOA. There was never any intention to sell them off cheaply.

Secondly, we do not wish to under sell the manufacturer and have priced the waka competitively to ensure that we are acting in good faith.

NKOA had the opportunity to sell on a first in, first serve basis as there are a few who have already offered a cash price well in excess of what the reserve price is for the four waka on trademe.

Although many may consider that these are 'second hand' waka and should be priced cheaply, in the real world of business you would sell for the best price which is what we are trying to do.

These canoes were only used in 110 races and four days of practicing. The difference between setting the prices of selling the W1 and the W6 waka sales are that the latter are contracted back to NKOA for the next three years.

There are many pros and cons for any selling method. The auctioning process benefits NKOA by getting the best price possible for the waka with the least amount of administration.

It also gives bidders the opportunity to participate and have control over their purchase rather than hoping their name is drawn from a pool of many other buyers.

We hope that this clarifies the process taken to sell the W1's. We will assess the auctioning process before determining how to sell the remaining 14 waka.

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Updated: Jun 04, 2006
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