Rotohoe Event 4 (Sanctioned)

Venue: Reeme Street Reserve, Ngongotahā
Date: Sat 22nd Jul 2017
Distance: 10km/ 20km

Tēnei te karapu waka ama o Ruamata te pōhiri atu nei ki a koutou kei ngā tini mātāwaka

huri noa. Ruamata Waka Ama Club warmly invite you to attend the fourth race in the

2017 Rotohoe Series at Ngongotahā.



1. Rotohoe 4 panui (as requested)
2. W1 entry form
3. W2 entry form
4. W6 entry form
5. Rotohoe registration process - Important please read

Race Venue:

Reeme Street Reserve

Reeme St, Ngongotahā



Saturday 22 July 2017



$90 Adult W6 ($15 per paddler)

$60 Junior W6 ($10 per paddler)

$10 W1/W2 (per paddler)


If you are paddling in both W6 and W1/W2:

Senior paddlers: $20 for both

Junior paddlers: $15 for both




  • 10 km: Junior and Novice W6 and W1 & W2

  • 20-22 km: Senior W6 (Men, Women and Mixed)



7:00am                        Ruruku waka/Lash waka


7.30 - 8.15 am             REGISTRATIONS and WAKA CHECKS

8.40 am                       RACE BRIEFING - Race 1 and 2

9.00 am                       RACE 1 - Men's W6

9.10 am                       RACE 2 - Women's and Mixed W1 & W2


11.10 am                     RACE BRIEFING - Race 3

11.30 am                     RACE 3 - Novice and Junior (Men's, Women's and Mixed) W6


12.45 pm                     RACE BRIEFING - Race 4 & 5

1.00 pm                       RACE 4 - Women's and Mixed W6

1.10 pm                       RACE 5 - Men's W1 & W2

3.00 pm                       Karakia whakawātea/Pack up


We will have tōtiti (sausages), parāoa and soup for paddlers finishing their race.  And we promise to save some rēwana for the paddlers in the last race of the day! 

We want to thank everyone who supported our kaupapa at Te Rotohoe ki Tarawera to cut down on single-use, disposable items (e.g. the non-recyclable polystyrene cup) by BRINGing A CUP (like a reusable coffee cup) to the soup pot.  It helped cut down significantly on our waste, so please keep BRINGing YOUR CUP along!  Heoi anō, we will also have paper coffee cups for those of us who forget, which we encourage paddlers to reuse when coming for seconds!

Online Entries:

Contact Details

Name: Heeni Hope


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