2018 Waka Ama Sprint Nationals

Venue: Lake Karāpiro, Cambridge
Date: Mon 15th Jan - Sat 20th Jan 2018
Distance: Sprints

Online entries are open! See your club representative to enter online.

Panui 1 and 2 available with lots of important information,  please ensure you take the time to read these panui!

Paddler roster for nationals closes on the  5th January and ID card orders are due by the 8th January.

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Online Entries:

Contact Details

Name: admin@wakaama.co.nz
Email: admin@wakaama.co.nz


  1. W1 Quota_2018 Waka Ama Sprint Nationals_29 September.pdf
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  2. RetailPromo Vendor Application Form 2018.pdf
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  3. 2018 Waka Ama Sprints Nationals Panui_1 FINAL.pdf
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  4. 2018 Waka Ama Sprints Nationals Panui_2 .pdf
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  5. Waka_Hireage_Agreement_2018.doc
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  6. Vendors List_9Jan2018.pdf
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  7. 2018 Waka Ama Sprints Nationals Panui_3 .pdf
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  8. MANAGERS INFORMATION for 2018 Waka Ama Nationals_FINAL REVISED.pdf
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  9. 2018 Nationals half lanes for all straight races_Course Map.pdf
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  10. 2018 Waka Ama Sprints Nationals Panui_4 .pdf
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  11. FINAL Schedule All Days as at 13 Jan.pdf
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  12. FINAL Lane Draw All Days as at 13 Jan.pdf
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  13. Progressions-Waka-Ama-NZ-Sprint-Nationals- W12 and Turns races.pdf
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  14. Progressions-Waka-Ama-NZ-Sprint-Nationals-500m Straights W1, W6.pdf
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  15. Progressions-Waka-Ama-NZ-Sprint-Nationals-Midgets straight races.pdf
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  16. Progressions-Waka-Ama-NZ-Sprint-Nationals-Midgets W12 races.pdf
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  17. Nats 2018 - Results All Days.PDF
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