2016 IVF World Sprints Format

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The IVF World Sprints Format has been confirmed for the 2016 World Sprint Championships being held in the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

2016 World Sprints Event Structure:                                   
It was agreed at the February 2015 International Va'a Federation meeting that the 2016 IVF World Sprints will see the beginning of the new World Sprints structure: 

IVF World Elite Championships and IVF World Club Championships.

World Sprints Restructure Background:

The restructure has been something that we have been pushing for since 2009.  NKOA prepared the original proposal in 2009. Once the original proposal was mooted and met with positively, several meetings were held with the Tahitians who also had a proposal for change and we came to a compromise on the 2 proposals.

The NZ/Tahitian model was approved in draft in Calgary in 2011 and we have been working on implementation since, with several modifications taking place as necessary – the goal being Rio 2014.
Rio was not an ideal location to implement a new format, so it was decided that 2016 would see the introduction.

The final restructured World Sprints programme was agreed to by countries at the recent February meeting in Sunshine Coast and new race rules have been put in place to cater for the new model. 
Following is the confirmed  structure of the 2016 IVF World Sprint Championships:

World Elite and World Club Sprint Championships – Overview 2016 and beyond


  • The event will still take place every 2 years
  • The first 2 days will be for elite selection teams from each IVF Member Organisation
  • The following 5-6 days will be for Club teams. Club teams are defined by each association as they wish, and they (Member countries) are responsible for policing themselves. Club teams may be defined differently for local versus international competition.
  • Essentially there will be 2 events within the period.
  • Depending on canoes and resources available there may be a crossover of the 2 events in the middle of the event.
  • This format of racing is to cater for the growth of the sport and provide a pathway for Elite paddlers whilst at the same time catering for the development of the sport and the large club base.
  • This change has been a 7 year work in progress.

Rules (Overview):

All events will adhere to IVF Sprint Rules. IVF Sprint Rules have been modified to accommodate new event structure and rules.


  • The number of entries allowed by each member in the World Club Championship event are as follows:
           V6 events:  6 entries per category U16 to Master 70
           V12 events: 3 entries per category U16 to Master 70

  •  Elite paddlers may participate in both Elite and Club racing  
  • Any Club team V6 must contain no more than 3 paddlers who participated in the World Elite Championship
  •  Any Club team V12 must contain no more than 6 paddlers who participated in the World Elite Championship
  • Each IVF Country/Region must confirm that the club teams entered are in fact members of bonafide clubs within their country. Club teams are defined at the discretion of the IVF member country.
  • At the World Club Championship uniform should be representative of the IVF member region or club.


  • Teams will be representing their IVF Member country/reg
  • Countries may enter 1 team per category.
  • Only the following categories will be recognised:

     Junior Development (J19) male & female 500m & 1000m
     Elite (Open)  male and female 500m & 1500m

  • Countries may enter 1 x V12 team per gender
  • Countries may enter 3 x V1 paddlers per category (all categories J16 to M70) into the World Championship
  • Countries can earn up to a maximum of 6 x V1 entries total based on the number of medalists in the previous World Sprints. One medal allows four entries,    two medals allow five entries and three medals allow six entries.
  • At the World Elite Championship uniform should be a national uniform of the County/Region


Each IVF Country/region is responsible for entering club teams and participants and is to act as the management between the host country and club teams.

Paddlers may paddle in more than 1 age category – however the race programme will not wait or change for paddlers should they be racing back to back. The general race schedule will be determined prior to entries being called for.

There shall be unique medals that identify the World Elite and World Club Championship.

Scheduling of events

The beginning of the week will be dedicated to World Elite Championship races, the end of the week will be World Club races. Depending on the canoes available there may be an overlap of events in the middle of the week.

     Full race rules will be available shortly

The Waka Ama New Zealand Process for Qualification to the 2016 IVF World Club Championship, will follow in a separate panui shortly. The Process for Elite Selection will be released in late April 2015 

Please send any queries to admin@wakaama.co.nz

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