Carla Dodds Discovery Course - August 3-10th

My Outward Bound Experience

Name: Carla Dodds
Age: 35
Waka Ama Club: Waitaha Paddling Club

What course did you complete at Outward Bound?

Discovery - 8 days

What did you find most challenging at Outward Bound?

Letting go and living in the moment (I usually like to know what’s happening next and there is no chance for that at OB!) - it’s very liberating once you allow it.

What experience did you enjoy the most?

Freezing swims - gets the adrenalin going!!

What would you say to someone who is thinking about doing a course?

Do it!!

What are some tips you would give to people who are going on a course?

Get your basic fitness up and be ready to make the most of every minute – it goes so fast!

What are some values that Outward Bound School taught you?

To live in the moment, and that you always have a little more to give.

Would you recommend Outward Bound to other paddlers?


Is there any one you would like to thank that supported you before or during your Outward Bound experience?

Thank you to Waka Ama NZ for granting the sponsorship, thank you to Outward Bound Foundation for the funding. 

Thank you to Peter Low for my recommendation letter. Thank you to the two best OB instructors ever – Thom and Asher and my amazing McKenzie 596 watch-mates who are now friends for life.


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